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Bug De ExP

Bug Exp:

Managed the company you will need a potion of any level (higher the level of the potion faster you t or u).

1.Go Depositio in society and place it inside the potion.

2.Double the potion (it will double).

3.You already doubled the potion now need an item to retirala the deposit (I recommend the Magic Jug for its low price).

4.Click the pitcher and move it up the potion, she will appear in your backpack, Fassa it with two potions.

5.Saia the deposit and open the rucksack.

6.Click to open the potion, probably the second potion not somira (If somir repeat steps 1-5)

7.Already the second potion does not disappear then use Ghost Mouse. Link: GhostMouse download - Baixaki

Ghost Mouse 8.Have downloaded, open it (with his backpack open), click the "Record" option and click to open the potion as much time as you want to, when finished press F10 (for recording) and just keep giving f9 (reproduces what was recorded) click every time it finishes playing.

9.Fique clicking until you reach the desired level.

Bug For Weapon +15

Vídeo Aula: Como por Itens +15 

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